Robert Balter: Owner

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xxWhat’s up, my name is Robert Balter, owner of Modern Age Tattoo LTD. I got my first tattoo from Louie Lombi back in 1978 , ever since that day, I have been infatuated with the art of tattooing . Louie and I became good friends through the years of getting tattooed by him while he was working for Big Joe in Mt. Vernon N.Y. Louie helped by answering my questions especially with the mechanics of the machines, mixing inks, and putting in a nice solid tattoo.

I started tattooing in the early 1980’s , I worked for Sugar Bear at the Emporium Of Design, of Denver 1984 where my tattooing improved to a professional level . I also learned a lot about public relations, pricing tattoos and also the technique of tattooing in black and gray which just started to get popular. I decided to move back to the N.Y. area and open my own shop which I did in 1986 in upstate N.Y. It was a great experience for me because I learned how to run my own shop . I closed the shop in 1991 and moved to Miami, Florida where I worked and managed Merlin’s Tattoo for about three years. I moved to Lake Worth, Fl. to work for Louie Lombi’s Tattoo Paradise . It was a great experience, I was able to pay him back for all he had taught for me through the years. I stayed there for about four years. I also got to work with some really good tattooists and guest artists.

I moved back to N.Y. in 1997,and worked for Dan Williams in Bridgeport , Conn. at Nomads Tattoo, and Big Joe and Sons Tattooing where I worked on and off while I was in the process of opening my own shop. In 1998, I opened Modern Age Tattoos LTD. in Nanuet N.Y. The shop is doing quite well, and I have a great staff capable of various styes, including custom, with a large selection of designs. Piercing is available with a large selection of jewelry to choose from. I also sell tattoo machines to order. My Modern Age Classic design comes in brass or aluminum and in liners or shaders. Please give a call or email for more information.