The Shop

Modern Age Tattoos, opened its doors in 1998 in Nanuet, New York, Rockland County. We are located approximately 30 minutes north of N.Y.C. The shop has an old school street shop feel to it, but in a clean modern environment. The shop has a lot of designs to choose from displayed all over the walls and in display racks, everything from old school designs to new school and everything in between. Our selection of designs are very helpful for the client that may not be 100% set on what they want. We also do custom tattooing which is a big part of what people want when they want something different and unique. All our artists do color and black and gray tattooing. The shop has a great reputation and has built a large clientele by word of mouth, thanks to the quality of work coming out of the shop throughout the years.

All the artists have taken and become certified for the blood borne pathogen courses and first aid. Our shop uses a state of art hospital sterilization autoclave and we try to keep up in all aspects of cross contamination for the client’s protection and the artist's protection.